Designregio Kortrijk

A monument inviting you to explore who you are.

To start off 2023, my design “Mirrors of Me” was selected by Designregio Kortrijk as the new design for the K-Totem, a monument in Kortrijk, BE.

Our Approach

With the concept, ‘Mirrors of Me’, I want to convey the message that as a student in Kortrijk, you need to explore who you are and what you stand for. We have focused a lot this past year on reconnecting with each other, but as a student you are also entering adulthood and are supposed to find out who you are. This requires some time and effort, and you learn a lot along the way. I hope to inspire others to take the time to figure out who they aspire to be.

Mirrors of me
Who am I supposed to be?

There are so many different things I wanted to be: a designer, a poet, a developer, an ambitious student, more than a wallflower… As I’ve grown in Kortrijk, I’ve found that you don’t have to choose a single version of yourself. 

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