About me

Studio xv is a multidisciplinary creative agency by Xander Van der Sijpt based in Ghent, Belgium.

As a designer, I have grown my skills throughout my career and bachelor as a Digital Design & Development graduate. I have gathered experience as a freelance designer for clients throughout Belgium, and as a designer at Polygraph Creative branding agency in Washington, D.C., U.S.

My work is not defined by a branch of design, but rather by a love for creating designs that work for the client. Whether you need motion graphics, a website refresh or a totally new brand, I’m here to help.

I don’t confine myself to a particular sector or restrict myself to a specific size or scope of my clients. I enjoy working across industries, whether that’s healthcare, entertainment & arts or hospitality. My efforts as a creative have earned me industry recognition, with my graphics being shown on the K-Totem Monument in Kortrijk for 3 months.


My skillset is broad, giving me the creative freedom to work within a wide range of project scopes.

Logotypes & Brand Marks
Brand Identity
Storytelling & Tone of Voice

Editorial Design
Printed Materials
Posters & Menu’s
Signage & Wayfinding

Web Design
Web Development
3D Graphics
Motion Graphics
Social Strategy

Graphic Design

I strive for the success of your brand.

Studio XV

Multidisciplinary Creative

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