The Human Experience.

Poëziecentrum Ghent — School

An immersive installation to destigmatize mental health troubles.

As a final passion project for my Bachelor Digital Design & Development, I created an immersive installation for Poëziecentrum Ghent.

Our Approach

Through an interactive installation called ‘The Human Experience’, in the city center of Ghent, I wanted to immerse visitors into a safe space that allows them to learn about common mental troubles such as anxiety and depression.

By utilizing poems I selected on these topics and accompanying them with a striking and interactive visual world, based on the foundation of poetic therapy, we can immerse visitors and educate them on the experiences behind this stigma through a poetic looking-glass.

Poetry is known as an effective way of representing human experiences that are otherwise ambiguous or obscure.

 It allows readers to comprehend complex experiences or weighted topics. Pairing poems on these heavy topics with an immersive experience allows us to talk about the heavy material that is otherwise hard to bring to light.

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The Human Experience

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