Mixbox — School

Your bartending skills, delivered right to your doorstep.

Mixbox is a subscription box for everyone who wants to learn and become a true mixologist. With this brand I brought together the fun and class of a cocktail, inspired by the intricate textures of cocktail glasses. The brand was supported with a UI design for their very own app.

Our Approach

One of the most interesting parts of cocktails, are the glasses. I don’t drink cocktails often but I do love to look at the glasses, the visual they create, that instant feeling of luxury and fun at once. This was the inspiration for the Mixbox brand.

My brand identity is heavily inspired by the intricate glass textures of cocktails. This idea also fit with the brand’s value of wanting to be casual chic. I was very much drawn to a style with a touch of art deco. I felt like this could bring an elegance to the brand, without exaggeration.

Time to mix it up.

We rounded off this experience by bringing the unique atmosphere of the brand into a custom app for Mixbox.

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