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A marketing campaign to celebrate Max’s Mints on Global Love Day.

Max’s Mints wanted a marketing campaign that would celebrate their product and the specific date together. I came up with Max’s Love Mints, a campaign where we share the love for our mints, the planet and each other.

Our Approach

The Max’s Love Mints revolve around Global Love Day (May 1st). We invite the client to recycle their mint tins and use them for a romantic time with their loved ones. To give them inspiration, our site displays multiple ideas of tin recycling that can make their special day more romantic. We focus on the USP of sustainability that Max’s Mints stands for and give more info about what makes the mints unique.

The Max’s Love Mints are targeted to the creative people that want to have a romantic or platonic data on Global Love Day. It offers a chance for one of the 2 to surprise the other one with a card on Global Love day and a wonderful date together, with the help of Max’s Ginger Mints.

Share the love.
Save the planet.

The Max’s Love Mints campaign inspires you to take part and have a romantic date with your special someone on Global Love Day. Celebrate your love, with Max’s Mints.

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