Slanted Magazine — School

An interactive longread on the Bodoni typeface for Slanted Magazine.

A school assignment as an imaginary project for Slanted Magazine. This site intended to put the Bodoni typeface in the spotlight and make an experience out of it. I focused on showing the elegance of the Bodoni type and how it deserves a new fit.

Our Approach

To create an engaging longread, I divided up the Bodoni story into 3 chapters: “the creation of a masterpiece”, “the age of elegance” and “pushing Bodoni’s limits.” Each chapter takes on a new part of the Bodoni’s history, and captures visitors’ attention through interactive elements and a bold graphic style.

Bringing the Bodoni
into the 21st century.

After doing research on the Bodoni typeface, I was intrigued by the original intentions of the font. Giambattista Bodoni himself said it was destined for elegance. But while elegance has a million different faces, the Bodoni seemed to have evolved to a singular use case. It’s become stereotypical, so I highlighted that ‘elegance deserves a new fit’.

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