900 Years Kuurne

Municipality Kuurne

An interactive installation that tells the tale of the Kuurne donkeys.

For the 900th anniversary of Kuurne, my partner Gitte Neven and I created an interactive installation that tells the tale of one of Kuurne’s most cherished themes, the Kuurne donkeys!

Our Approach

Next year, in 2023, Kuurne will have its’ 900th anniversary. To celebrate, the town came to us with an idea to set up an exhibition about their history, in an old vicary in the city center.

Through a life-size interactive clock, we take a closer look at the past, present and future and teach visitors about the meaning of the Donkeys in each era through animated videos.

To let people learn and explore more freely, we also created 3 side installations that each pair up with one of the 3 time periods. Visitors can explore and learn more about each story through interactive fun, together with friends and family.

Discover the history
through interactive spots.

We created an interactive clock where people could discover 3 animated stories about the Kuurne donkeys.
To go along with the 3 storylines, we made 3 side installations, each revolving around one of the stories. This allows our visitors to peruse the room and learn about the donkeys in a fun and informative way.

with thanks to

Gitte Neven for being my partner in this project.

We talked about
Kuurne’s donkeys

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